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Singing Bowl is called therapy sound bowls for their therapeutic sounds and are often preferred by medical professionals as well. This bowl is carved with Buddha so it gives unique design and best for meditation. Some of the basic uses of singing bowls are :

Music: Even though the singing bowl is taken as a relaxation measure or a healing treatment, at the end of the day it is a musical instrument. We all know that music is a great healer and soother. So, like any other musical instrument, the singing bowl creates a harmonious sound that soothes you at times while relaxing you at the same time.

Meditation: The low-frequency sounds that resonate from this singing bowl are great for calming down your thoughts. More precisely, they are great for meditation. Meditation can be of many ways and many people practice meditation in different ways. Some try it with absolute silence while some have a certain sound at a certain frequency to keep the mind calm. Singing bowls work in the same way. The sound from the bowl is calming, increasing the focus of your mind on just one thing, the sound.

Chakra healing: To some people, the singing bowl is a way of healing your chakra. Chakra means specific points or centers of spiritual power in the human body. Singing bowls resonate with the low-frequency sound that relaxes and helps in healing these chakras in the body.

A complete package includes:

1. A resting cushion

2. A singing bowl

3. A Mallet (stick wrapped with leather ) for good vibration

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