Buddha’s Feet – handmade thangka painting from Nepal


Size (cm) : 21×21

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The Buddha Feet is one of the early representations of the Buddha in the anti conic (no statues) stage of Buddhist art. Symbolizing the grounding of the transcendent, feet have been objects. According to Buddhist legend, once Gautama Buddha earned enlightenment, his feet created an imprint within the stone wherever he stepped.In another tradition, the infant Buddha took seven steps after his birth to symbolize his religious domination of the universe.The footprints of Gautama Buddha symbolize the Buddha’s presence, as they’re believed to be the imprints wherever Gautama Buddha truly touched the ground. At the same time, the Buddha Feet signify the Buddha’s absence now that he has entered nirvana, and thus are a reminder of the Buddhist ideal of non attachment.

The color for Buddha’s feet are available in Brown,Blue, Grey, Green, Red and Yellow.? We are offering at $1 for 1 piece .Please message us as per your requirement. If you are thinking of taking bulk then we can manage too.

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Dimensions 21 × 21 cm


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