Chakra Sambhar – handmade thangka painting from Nepal


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In the central panel, the deity chakrasamvara is deep blue in color and has four faces. The front face is painted blue-black, his right face yellow, the left inexperienced, and the rear red. Chakrasambhara is additionally considered a manifestation of hey vajra UN agency is that the central figure of as occult culture, the Vajrayana Buddhism. He is in an enraptured union together with his consort Vajravarahi. His front hands embrace his consort together with his hands holding a Hindu deity and a bell.
His right hands hold a elephant skin, Damaru, an axe, a kartri, and a trident. His left hands hold again an elephant skin, a severed head of Brahma, a lasso, a kapala and khatvang staff. Chakrasambhara belongs to the Heruka family of the Anuttara Yoga Tantra,following his meditational path are going to be the practician to the seventh heaven of supreme enlightenment. Sambhar and consort aren’t to be thought of as 2 completely different entities, as a normal husband and adult female square measure 2 completely different individuals.

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Dimensions 53 × 38 cm


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