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The Tibetan Marpa (1012-1097) came to Nepal in search of the Hindu deity. Buddhist from his earliest youth, he had learnt Sanskrit from the Sakyapa Lama Drogmi, then changed all his belongings for gold in preparation for his quest. So affected was he by Naropa?s disciples, he decided to become one himself. For many years he received Naropa teachings, as well as studying with a variety of famous Indian masters including Jnanagarbha and Kukuripa. Having practiced and mastered the teachings, Marpa returned to Lhodrag in south Tibet, where he lived with his wife Dagmema and their two sons, and spent several years translating Buddhist scriptures from Sanskrit into Tibetan.

During his second journey to India, Naropa predicted that Marpa?s future main disciple would be Milarepa. During Marpa?s third journey to India, he went to study with the master Maitripa and received the definite and complete transmission of Saraha?s Mahamudra lineage. Because of his nice translation activity he’s called ?Marpa the Translator?.All in all he went to India three times, bringing with him a great number of teachings back over the mountain passes to Tibet. Among his students, Milarepa was to become his main lineage holder. Marpa subjected Milarepa to terribly troublesome trials before giving him the dear transmissions. In the finish he appointed Milarepa his religious successor.

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