5 Zambalas Blessings – Hand-painted Thangka Painting Showcasing the Auspicious Deities of Wealth and Prosperity


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Zambala is also known as Jambhala or Dzambhala in Tibetan Buddhism. He is a renowned figure connected with riches, prosperity, and abundance. Zambala comes in a variety of forms, each reflecting a particular facet of riches and luxury. He is recognized for bestowing material wealth, success, and fortune on practitioners. Zambala is represented carrying spiritual mongoose blowing gems or a citron fruit which represent the bestowal of prosperity and plenty. People seek Zambala’s blessings in order to overcome financial issues, achieve wealth, and create a generous and abundant attitude.

This Tibetan Thangka Painting, featuring the Five Zambalas, is a powerful representation of prosperity in Tibetan Buddhism. The painting, handcrafted by skilled artisans, depicts the five manifestations of Zambala – Yellow, Red, Green, Blue, and Black – each with unique attributes of wealth, fortune, and prosperity.

The Yellow Zambala symbolizes wealth, while Red represents the power to overcome obstacles, Green represents wealth through knowledge, White represents wealth through patience, and Black represents the wealth of practice and transformation. The collective presence of these five Zambalas embodies a harmonious convergence of various forms of wealth and prosperity, radiating blessings, promising abundance, and protection to those who invite their presence into their lives.

The artwork is a monument to the craftsmen’ technical competence and spiritual devotion, displaying the depth of Tibetan craftsmanship. Displaying this Thangka Painting in your sacred place can call on the combined energy of these benign deities, and it can make an excellent gift for individuals seeking wealth and spiritual progress.

Size: 69 cm x 50 cm

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cotton canvas


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