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cotton canvas,natural pigments

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Buddha mandala Thangka are geometric representations of the universe that are symbolic, as a tool for meditation and introspection. The Sanskrit word “mandala” means “circle,” and these elaborate, rounded patterns are used as visual aids in spiritual practice. Mandalas are used in many Buddhist traditions to illustrate different facets of Buddhist cosmology.

Mandalas typically feature sophisticated geometric designs that extend outward from the centre. Mandalas use a variety of iconographic components and symbols, each with a distinct meaning. A Buddha mandala’s colour selection is deliberate, with each hue having a symbolic meaning. Blue, for instance, may stand for red compassion, white purity, wisdom, and so on.Mandalas are employed in visualisation and meditation techniques. By concentrating on the mandala and reflecting on its meaning, practitioners can use it to help them enter a meditative state.

This Tibetan artwork is sacred symbols that represent the interconnectedness of all phenomena and the path to enlightenment and also serve as aids for practitioners to visualise and internalise complex spiritual concepts. These mandalas serve as instruments for rituals and meditation that are performed both individually and in groups. This Thangka is crafted with premium materials and adhering to traditional techniques, each stroke narrates a story of devotion and reverence, reminding us of the interconnectedness of life and the beauty of embracing mindfulness in everyday living.

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cotton canvas, natural pigments


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