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cotton canvas,natural pigments

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Chengresi is also known as Avalokiteshvara or Chenrezig, is a revered person in Tibetan Buddhism who is considered as the embodiment of compassion. Chengresi appears in a variety of forms, with numerous arms and heads, indicating unlimited compassion and the capacity to reach out to save innumerable beings. This god is revered in Tibetan Buddhist traditions for assisting people in overcoming pain and fostering compassion.

The Chengresi Thangka painting is a spiritual art created by Tibetan painters that depicts Chengresi’s heavenly nature. It is a monument to the rich tradition of Tibetan craftsmanship and the everlasting significance of Chengresi in Tibetan Buddhism, made using natural colors derived from minerals, plants, and organic components. The god is seated or standing within a celestial scene, embellished with rich symbolism and elaborate patterns in the diligently hand-painted Thangka.

Each line of brushwork generates a sense of heavenly presence, inspiring a sense of calm and devotion. This sculpture, which represents compassion and serves as an altar for spiritual devotion and introspection, is appropriate for meditation, spiritual contemplation, and ornamental reasons.

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cotton canvas, natural pigments


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