The Compassionate Mother – White Tara Thangka | Symbol of Long Life and Healing | Handcrafted Art


cotton canvas,natural pigments

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In Tibetan Buddhism, White Tara is a beloved figure who represents compassion, longevity, and healing. She is represented as a serene and luminous divinity who represents purity and knowledge. White Tara is praised for her capacity to alleviate pain and foster spiritual development. She watches over all beings with her seven eyes, including those on her hands and forehead, bringing direction, protection, and blessings.

She is shown in a meditation pose, exuding calm and elegance while carrying symbolic characteristics representing enlightenment and compassion. Devotion to White Tara is seen to offer inner serenity, bodily well-being, and spiritual enlightenment, making her an incarnation of divine compassion and a significant source of inspiration in Buddhist traditions.

This Thangka is a holy Tibetan Buddhist figure hand-painted with natural 24k gold leaf embellishments that depicts White Tara’s heavenly blessings and purity. It conveys the essence of White Tara’s generosity and wisdom by employing time-honored techniques. Each brushstroke demonstrates commitment and precision, while the use of pure 24k gold leaf adds to the spiritual masterpiece’s ethereal nature.

This incredibly detailed piece of artwork serves as a deep representation of spiritual direction and healing energy, bringing peace and blessings into meditation rooms or home altars. This Thangka artwork embodies the eternal elegance and spiritual importance of White Tara, enhancing healing, compassion, and spiritual renewal.

Size: 89 cm x 62 cm

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cotton canvas, natural pigments


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