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Cotton canvas,Natural colours

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Manjushri is regarded in Buddhist tradition as the Bodhisattva of transcendent knowledge and wisdom. Manjushri embodies great insight, enlightenment, and the capacity to dispel ignorance and delusion. He is frequently shown with a sword that symbolizes cutting through ignorance and a text that represents the teachings of wisdom. Manjushri, a respected figure in Mahayana Buddhism is regarded as the embodiment of all Buddhas’ wisdom and plays an important role in guiding practitioners towards enlightenment through the cultivation of wisdom and understanding.

Our magnificent Manjushri Thangka artwork captures the heavenly spirit of knowledge and enlightenment. This religious artwork is handcrafted by expert artisans, displays the Bodhisattva Manjushri in brilliant detail and vibrant colors. Every brushwork on this Thangka canvas is an acknowledgment of workmanship and passion. It is created with natural colors sourced from minerals and other organic ingredients. Manjushri’s heavenly knowledge is captured in striking images by the exquisite brushwork.

This Thangka is a spiritual instrument for meditation and introspection, encouraging the spectator to enter realms of sublime wisdom and enlightenment. Decorate your house, meditation place, or holy spot with this skillfully sculpted Manjushri Thangka. Manjushri’s knowledge inspires and leads spiritual journeys toward enlightenment and deeper understanding.

Size: 75 cm x 50 cm

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Cotton canvas, Natural colours


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