Dhyani Buddha Vairocana Thangka | The Buddha of Radiant White light | Traditional Art | Wall Hanging


cotton canvas,natural colors

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Vairocana Buddha is a significant figure in Buddhism. He is one of the five transcendent Buddhas that symbolize various facets of the enlightened mind and is often considered as the original or primary Buddha. He is connected to the core and represents the all-encompassing, unified quality of enlightenment. The realm of ultimate reality, known as the Dharmadhatu, is connected to Vairocana. He stands for the essential character of reality and the unification of all things in this setting of reality.

Our exquisite Vairocana Buddha Thangka artwork portrays the celestial essence of enlightenment, wisdom, and universal compassion. This holy artwork, which was created by talented artisans by hand, depicts the Vairocana Buddha in vivid colors and fine detail. Each stroke of brush on this Thangka canvas is a homage to the artist’s skill and dedication. Natural shades extracted from minerals and other organic materials are used in the process. The exceptional brushwork creates astonishing visions of Vairocana Buddha’s heavenly wisdom.

This stunning Thangka serves as a spiritual center point and captivating work of art at your home altar, meditation area, or sacred space, expressing love and hope for all people. Purchasing this Thangka supports dedicated artists who are passionately committed to continuing historic skills and helps to preserve traditional craftsmanship.

Size:60 cm x 45 cm

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cotton canvas, natural colors


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