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cotton canvas,natural color

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In Tibetan Buddhism, Ekajati is a regarded protector god, notably in the Nyingma tradition. Ekajati is portrayed as a furious and wrathful deity, indicating the transformation of bad energy and the elimination of impediments on the spiritual path. She possesses the ability to protect people, preserve teachings, and remove impediments to spiritual advancement. Ekajati is also related with intelligence, intuition, and the speed with which enlightened actions are completed.

The Ekajati Thangka painting’s strong and protective presence is skillfully created utilizing natural colors. This magnificent Thangka depicts Ekajati’s ferocious and wrathful but protective and wise essence, embodying the deity’s transformational and obstacle-dispelling vitality. Each stroke on canvas represents Ekajati’s ability to protect practitioners, eliminate impediments, and inspire intuition, inspiring reflection and appreciation for her protecting influence.

This intriguing Thangka will enhance your holy place as a spiritual emblem of Ekajati’s ferocious defense and quick execution of enlightened actions. With this elegant Thangka, embrace the strong and protective energy of Ekajati into your life, enabling her fiery but intelligent presence to safeguard and lead you on your spiritual journey, eliminating barriers and cultivating wisdom along the way.

Size: 40 cm x 30 cm

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cotton canvas, natural color


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